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What is web development Springfield MO? Wikipedia defines it as “a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet”.

web development springfield mo

What should you expect from your web development Springfield MO project?

Expect the developer to speak with you about your goals for the project. Make sure you clearly communicate to them what you expect. Once you’ve agreed on the expectations for the project, be sure to define the sitemap. The sitemap will list the page the developer agrees to build for you.

Now that you have your sitemap together, be sure to spend time organizing content and images for the web developer. Once your content and images are ready, it shouldn’t take too much longer for your new website to be ready for launch. But before you and your web developer pull the trigger on the launch, be sure to discuss a few key topics.

  • Has the site been properly optimized to meet Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines?
  • Is there a keyword strategy in place?
  • What about Meta data? Have you properly optimized your Title tag, Meta description, alt tags, and header tags?
  • Has the developer created an XML sitemap to submit to Google and other search engines? Has this sitemap been submitted to them?
  • Have you setup some kind of website traffic monitoring service? Google Analytics is free and very popular.

Finally, before launching your new website, consider a “soft launch” that allows you and your friends to preview the website before an announcement of your new website is made to the general public. Often, doing this will bring critical issues to the surface that would have otherwise been missed.

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